Sustainability-ISO 14001

ISO 14001

Prologis was the first logistics real estate company to obtain ISO 14001 certification for development/project management. We did so for four of our regions in 2008 (Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the UK). Det Norske Vertas (DNV) extended this accreditation in 2020.




Eco-construction_Wooden Framework


At Prologis, we strive to use materials that ensure the environmental quality of our buildings:

  • Wood is used on facades of warehouses to help the buildings integrate into the surrounding environment
  • Our standard recommendation for lighting is LED or TP bulbs
  • Many of our buildings include solar panel installation on the roofs
  • We redevelop industrial sites and continually seek to reuse and recycle demolition materials
Sustainability-Green Works

Green Worksite

During the construction process, Prologis implements a green worksite program aimed at reducing waste, noise and disturbance to the environment. To avoid waste, we selectively sort and recycle worksite materials and use laminated wood frameworks. To ensure our buildings will be airtight, we inspect insulation with pressurization and airborne infrared cameras.

Sustainability-DES Technology

Dynamic Energy Simulations

Dynamic Energy Simulations (DES) is an innovative process. By using software that is adapted to logistics activities, we run simulations to measure, reduce and optimize energy consumption before a building is constructed.

DES takes into account the materials and design of a building, as well as the way it will be used. After calculating expected energy use—in heating, cooling and lighting—DES converts the information into financial data. Building owners and customers can then tweak assumptions to view the possible savings of different scenarios.

In 2015, Prologis was awarded the SITL Logistics Innovation Prize for its use of DES.

Inforgraphic Prologis Warehouse

Sustainable Design Features of Prologis Buildings  

At Prologis, we know that our buildings will make an impact on the communities where they are located and the people who work inside of them. They become part of the local landscape and remain there for many years.

Certified Sustainable Facilities

Prologis leads the logistics real estate industry in certified sustainable facilities.

LEED Certification
LEED Certified Buildings

LEED Certified Buildings

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) rating system for building sustainability standards in more than 150 countries. including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and France.

BREEAM Certifiaction
Prologis BREEAM-Accredited Warehouses

Prologis BREEAM-Accredited Warehouses

BREEAM, or Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method, is the sustainability rating system for buildings in over 75 countries, including those in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

HQE Certification
Prologis HQE-Certified Warehouses

Prologis HQE-Certified Warehouses

HQE, or Hauté Qualite Environmentale, is the environmental evaluation and certification system for buildings in France.