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Moissy 2 DC1 is in Prologis Park Moissy 2, in the Seine-et-Marne department, France. The project completely redeveloped a brownfield site in a way that combines sustainable development with innovation. It will be the first logistics platform in the world to obtain the "Zero Carbon" certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI).


Prologis wanted to make this restructuring project a flagship for its vision and its commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility. Thanks to the innovative technologies put front and centre in both construction and operational phases of the project, the Moissy 2 DC1 warehouse represents the next step toward a decarbonised and resilient logistics chain, resource-efficient buildings, water management, the circular economy and the preservation of biodiversity. It fits perfectly with Prologis's ambition to reduce the environmental impact of its business and enhance the appeal of its solutions.


As well as carbon neutrality, the Moissy 2 DC1 building was also designed with a view to the preservation of biodiversity, the well-being of occupants, business resilience in the context of a health crisis and innovative solutions to achieve these aims.

Technologies used in this project will allow Prologis to offset the entire carbon footprint of the building and the activities associated with it for 50 years. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) generated by construction, maintenance and demolition of the building are all taken into account, as is the energy consumed on-site for 50 years. The Moissy 2 DC1 warehouse is also the first to be kitted out with a solution developed in partnership with Accenta, a greentech firm specialising in smart energy storage. Accenta is a French start-up that has developed an inter-seasonal heat storage solution. This technology contributed 30% to the project's total decarbonisation (reducing the energy consumption of the heating and cooling system by 60% and related emissions by 71%). 36,000 sqm of PV solar energy panels on the roof generate up to 1.5 GWh of electricity for own use. Finally, the use of variable intensity LED lighting with presence detectors will generate significant savings.

Also, this warehouse will be the 1st logistics building in the world to be certified by the ILFI (International Living Future Institute). This building, in compliance with the goals of the ISO 14001 standard, has the BREEAM environmental certification and has been graded Outstanding. This workforce will also be granted the WELL Level Silver certification and is committed to a BiodiverCity® approach, promoting urban biodiversity throughout the site’s lifetime.

For this future project, Prologis has also equipped the building with its "FM Portal" solution, a digital tool that manages the maintenance of its buildings. This application comes with its BIM / 3D digital twin, EEGLE.

Prologis is the first logistics real estate firm to design and use this type of digital solution. The benefits are huge, and include simplified technical management of the building, a forward-looking function for maintenance milestones, alerts in the event of malfunctions and optimisation of the warehouse's functions in use. In practice, this means time and cost savings for the operator.

With an area of 100,000 sqm, the platform Moissy 2 DC1 will be run by Samada, Monoprix's logistics subsidiary for a minimum period of 12 years and equipped with the robotic technology developed by the French company Exotec. This platform will allow to stock products destined to supply its stores and to fulfil the e-commerce orders. It has been custom designed to provide Monoprix with a next-generation logistics tool capable of supporting its rapid expansion.


Thanks to its improved construction processes and its use of innovative solutions, Moissy 2DC1 will be the first logistics building in the world to be awarded the ZeroCarbon label. It will be a flagship for Prologis's future projects.


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