After having installed some 20 bee hives at its sites in and around Paris, Lyon and Marseilles, as well as mellifluous trees nearby, our Prologis honey is now ready to be tasted by scientists!

The aim is to regularly assess the quality of the biodiversity, to improve it through targeted action where needed and to measure progress, thanks to the bees who act as natural, data-gathering drones. We’ve tasked teams from BeeOdiversity to carry out this work. They will analyse the quality of the pollen and map the environmental quality of the sites within a radius of 1,5 kilometres so they can spot any shortcomings that need correcting.

Depending on the results, we can either preserve or diversify the flora, which will also result in an indirect improvement of the presence of fauna. Scientific analyses will be conducted monthly over the coming years, to regularly measure the impact and adjust if necessary. According to BeeOdiversity, unless we take substantial action, 50% of bee species will disappear by 2050 and pollution levels will significantly rise. This will have a noticeable impact on both our health and the climate. "By taking steps to protect biodiversity, we are able to regenerate our resources and the environment. Together, we can create well-being and value for all," explain BeeOdiversity's founders.

This way of looking at things is in complete harmony with Prologis's corporate philosophy which has promoted sustainable development from the outset. We constantly pilot and test new ways to reduce the impact our business has on the environment. "We are convinced that our asset class is capable of putting forward solutions that enable us to substantially reduce our carbon footprint. When it comes to ESG commitment, we take real action to look after and improve the ecosystems that we come in contact with," commented Olivier Barge – Director of Project Management and Innovation, Southern Europe.

Every year, our bees produce nearly 300 kilos of honey in France. Our customers are more than welcome to collect the honey with us!

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