As the war in Ukraine continues, nearly two million people have fled that nation, with the majority traveling to neighboring Poland.

Prologis doesn’t have any property in Russia or Ukraine, but we have a significant presence in other Eastern and Central European nations, including Poland. Many of our employees – in Europe and beyond – have family and friends who have been impacted by the war.

As the refugee population grows, many of the charitable organizations serving them have asked if we have space available to help store goods. Through our company’s Space for Good program, we are offering available space free of charge to various nonprofit organizations and local authorities.

Additionally, to help address the humanitarian needs, we made a $100,000 donation to the Red Cross to support their relief efforts. We’ve also invited our employees to support the Red Cross’ work and committed to a corporate match of $2 for every $1 our employees donate.

Prologis is a company of people working to help improve other people’s lives by enabling the movement of goods around the world. We hope the people of Ukraine are able to return to a peaceful and free life and nation. We stand with them.

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