On 14 October, we were proud to inaugurate the first logistics platform in the world to be certified carbon neutral(1), on the Prologis Moissy 2 Les Chevrons site, with Alain Griset, Minister Delegate for small and medium-sized enterprises in France, in attendance. The 100,000 sqm platform is built on a comprehensively renovated ex-industrial site, run by Monoprix and equipped with robotics technology developed by French firm Exotec.

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Insights on a new generation building

We welcomed more than 150 guests(2) to this landmark platform for guided tours and demonstrations led by the Prologis, Monoprix and Exotec teams.

After touring the unit, the institutional visitors heard presentations from ARP Astrance and Prologis experts on the wide range of actions taken to sustain the site's biodiversity.

The Exotec teams then presented their Skypod system, used by Monoprix to considerably improve picking performance.

Finally, Monoprix’s teams presented their new CNG trucks, running on bio-gas, and one of the first electrical trucks in their fleet.

Guests were able to talk to the teams and find out more about the successful partnership between Prologis, Monoprix and Exotec. They were universally appreciative of our commitment to designing a logistics platform through a process that combined innovation with sustainability.

The tour was followed by speeches from Minister Alain Griset, Cécile Tricault, Prologis’s Regional Head Southern Europe, Jean-Paul Mochet, Chairman of Monoprix Group, local Seine-et-Marne parliamentarian Olivier Faure, Line Magne, Mayor of Moissy-Cramayel, Michel Bisson, President of the Greater Paris South agglomeration, Valérie Lacroute, Vice-President of the greater Paris region of Ile-de-France with responsibility for farming and food and Romain Moulin, Chairman of Exotec.

Prologis and Monoprix open the world's first zero-carbon logistics platform, in Seine-et-Marne

A flagship project that illustrates our vision and commitment, as Cécile Tricault said: “We are especially proud to deliver this platform to Monoprix today. This restructuring project illustrates our vision and commitment to the environmental transition. As a global leader, we have a special responsibility and this is why, for many years now, we have been putting climate issues at the heart of our strategy of supporting our customers as they move toward a low-carbon economy while continuing to adapt to their new needs.”

Jean-Paul Mochet, Chairman of Monoprix group said: “As a leading player in the economy, we must take a holistic view of our responsibility for meeting the climate challenge. It is not just a matter of picking better products for our shelves. We also need to change the way we store and transport them. This carbon-neutral warehouse, a world first, makes Monoprix a pioneer of green logistics, and is consistent with meeting the GHG reduction targets set by Casino group.

Visitors hail a successful project

To deliver the aim of carbon neutrality, we had to work on all stages of the building’s life-cycle, from construction to operation, and neutralise the entire carbon footprint over 50 years. The “Avoid - Reduce - Offset” process will take 150,000 tonnes of CO2 - 80% of emissions - out of the project: eliminating 40,000 tonnes in the construction process and another 110,000 tonnes in the 50-year operational phase. The remaining 20% will be offset by reforestation projects. Neutralisation was achieved mainly by optimising and reducing energy consumption, installing digital tools to control inputs and using decarbonised energy and bio-sourced materials.

Line Magne, Mayor de Moissy-Cramayel, thanked our teams for work done in collaboration with the municipality team to renovate the former PSA Peugeot site and design new logistics platforms that will respect the environment and biodiversity and help develop the local economy.

We thank all our partners and guests who contributed to a successful inauguration.

 1 The building is carbon neutral not only in its construction phase but also during 50 years of operations and will be the world's first logistics building to be certified “Zero Carbon” by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) https://living-future.org

2 In compliance with health protection measures


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