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Prologis has achieved its first ″Excellent" BREEAM accreditation for a French asset at Moissy-Cramayel, taking sustainability performance to the next level both in the facility’s design, future usage and outdoor spaces.

Prologis facilities have been obtaining "Very Good" BREEAM ratings for several years new, but Moissy DC4 has set a new precedent as the first French asset to earn an "Excellent" rating on 5 April 2019. At Prologis Park Moissy 2 Les Chevrons, the company regenerated a former PSA Peugeot manufacturing site acquired in 2012. Construction of the new, 56,000 square-meter building, now occupied by the leading creative and cultural retailer Cultura, began in 2017. The entire site is now enjoying the benefits of Prologis’ commitment to upgrading its asset portfolio.

"Driven by an inherent desire to reduce our environmental impact, we are constantly innovating to develop 'greener' solutions," said Olivier Barge, head of project management and innovation Southern Europe.

The existing trees at the site were protected, and bee hives and an urban vegetable garden established. An innovative rainwater management system captures surface runoff from rooftops and roads, redirecting it into the ground and freeing up network capacity for new developments, particularly housing. A number of plants have been carefully selected to remove pollutants from the water, reproducing the natural water cycle. Prologis, a member of the IBPC (International Biodiversity and Property Council), now plans to use the system on new development sites.

During the construction process, Prologis re-used or recycled more than 75% of demolition waste from the PSA site. Waste materials were sorted into five categories, which have been maintained for future building use. The construction materials, such as the glulam beams used for the roof structure, also contributed to the "Excellent" rating, and energy-efficient equipment and seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) technology are keeping non-renewable energy use to a minimum. The facility is also equipped with EEGLE, a digital interface developed by Prologis, which provides accurate and real-time information to users on energy use. While EEGLE was not taken into account by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in the BREEAM assessment, it plays an important role in the building’s overall energy efficiency and in reducing the carbon footprint of its occupants.

A wide range of sustainability measures then integrated into the design and construction, earning Prologis the rating which is awarded based on compliance with a number of criteria organized into ten categories (Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Waste, Pollution, etc.). To obtain a "Very Good" rating, buildings must comply with at least 55% of criteria. The "Excellent" rating obtained by Prologis in April for Moissy DC4 requires 70% compliance. To obtain the next rating, "Outstanding", the building would need to respect more than 85% of the criteria – a feat never achieved to date by a logistics facility. A little more innovation may well be required, but then again, it wouldn’t be the first time that Prologis has blazed a trail in the real estate world.

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