LED Lighting

Moving from traditional lighting to LED lighting is a winning strategy from any angle: financial, environmental or human.

Consistent with a determination to offer their clients top-of-the-line services and logistics facilities that meet the highest standards on the market, Prologis oversees each operation in its entirety: from audit to installation, we offer a simple and efficient turnkey solution, adapted to every type of office and logistics warehouse. All associated replacement costs are also taken care of.

Reduce your operating costs with LED lighting

LEDs are switched on less often and for a shorter period than traditional lighting installations, offering significant savings, particularly inside logistics platforms and adjacent outdoor areas. Their lower consumption per unit translates into annual savings of €3 to €4 per square metre. Thanks to motion and ambient light sensors within buildings, LEDs are also switched on less often and allow more precise adjustment of the required lighting zone by zone.
Prologis guarantees your LEDs for the entire duration of your lease (maximum 5 years). Their long life and greater resistance to shocks (temperature, humidity, etc.) are also a good way to reduce warehouse maintenance and servicing costs.

LED lighting: a simple and effective way of reducing your carbon footprint

By taking full responsibility for organising the replacement of your old lighting system, Prologis supports you in your environmental efforts and helps you reduce your energy-related carbon emissions.
By way of example, an audit carried out by our partner on a 40,000 square-metre logistics building retrofitted with LEDs revealed savings of 80 tons of CO2 per year compared to the former installation.
And lastly, with their more uniform and less dazzling luminosity, LEDs promote the visual comfort, well-being and productivity of your employees and reduce the risk of accidents, especially in logistics warehouses.

Switching to LED: a small step for you, a giant leap for your budget, your employees and the environment!

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