Incorporating well-being into building design has long been a priority for Prologis and an example of how we can better serve our clients by helping them be attractive to candidates and retain employees.

This issue was at the heart of the debates organized during the webinar entitled "Well-being in the workplace for employees", which brought together Frédéric Martin, Logistics Development Director of C-Logitistics (Cdiscount-Casino) and Cécile Tricault, Regional head Southern Europe at Prologis, last July. Improving well-being at work has many advantages for companies and is often considered as a good way to increase business success as employees are less absent and more invested in their company. But for sectors such as logistics, there is more at stake: attractiveness. While logistics lack of attractiveness is not new, the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the shortage of manpower.

Faced with this challenge, companies are increasingly betting on well-being features and Prologis is there to help them to create environment where employees can thrive. In recent years, logistics platforms have evolved dramatically and are far from the stereotyped image belonging to the collective imaginary! Mindful of the importance of having well-functioning supply chains for their business, e-Commerce companies have focused on developing services for employees and ensure a greater comfort for employees throughout the day by reducing noise pollution, use natural light whenever its possible and offer high level services.

Put to the test during the difficult period of the sanitary crisis, the well-being of employees must remain at the heart of the concerns of logistics companies, and be adapted to all profiles (drivers, temporary workers, employees). With offering such as PARKlife and by maintaining its strong will to innovate, Prologis will continue to help clients achieve the attractiveness challenge.

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