On April 19, 2017, several dozen staff members and clients joined François Rispe, managing director, Prologis Southern Europe, in the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris to attend the first of the Prologis Meetings.

Staged in partnership with Supply Chain Magazine, the Prologis Meetings are a series of debates and discussions that touch on issues confronting the industry and the world. Speakers included well-known philosopher André Comte-Sponville and Michel Fender, a writer and professor in the Information Systems and Operations Management department at HEC Paris.

In front of an audience of around 70 supply chain professionals, Compte-Sponville showed humor and aplomb in demonstrating that change for change’s sake doesn’t guarantee the longevity of a business: “It’s not about changing for the sake of it, but rather changing for the long run!”

Fender, author of the book “Logistics & Supply Chain,” presented his thoughts about the future of the supply chain. He described several of the main trends affecting the sector, including changes in consumer behavior, consumption and distribution modes, “the new deal” from a geopolitical perspective, regulations and technological innovations.

Two hours of debate were expertly moderated by Jean-Philippe Guillaume, president of Supply Chain Magazine, and brought to a close by Rispe, before discussions continued over a cocktail buffet.


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