It is important for users of industrial space to understand and comply with the rules and regulations governing ICPEs, Classified Installations for Protection of the Environment, a French regulatory system for facilities classified for environmental protection.

At Prologis, our environmental team has deep knowledge of regulations and mastery of applicable procedures at each phase of construction and throughout a building's lifecycle. Drawing on our extensive experience, we handle communication with local administrative and public authorities and support our clients through every step of their projects—from construction through operations.

The environmental team is available to interpret regulations, foresee future developments and anticipate changes to help clients develop their business in compliance with environmental regulations. Working in close collaboration with Prologis colleagues and external contacts, the team ensures that warehouse occupants respect the environment and provide support for environmental projects and activities.

The Prologis environmental team's other missions include advising property managers and clients about buildings for which we have operational authorization, handling communication with administrative authorities (prefectures; the Regional Department of Environment; Planning and Housing (DREAL); etc.), helping the leasing team daily by carrying out studies relating to client requests and/or prospects and providing responses. Finally, as a member of the Real Estate Logistics and Supply Chain Reference Association (AFILOG), we participate in quarterly meetings to contribute expertise to develop and support advances in the logistics of tomorrow.  


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