Discover the Prologis Customer Experience Team, a new standard in customer service

The customer experience and the quality of service provided are our priories. All our actions aim to meet your needs and offer them personalized service in line with their expectations. It is in this context that we are innovating with the establishment of a Customer Experience Team, a new organizational model for better service quality.

The Customer Experience Team: an essential point of contact ensuring fast and efficient assistance.

This new organizational model offers you agility and proximity that are always focused on the Customer Experience.

Thanks to the establishment of the Customer Experience Team (CET), our customers benefit from fully integrated cross-functional expertise, allowing us to more effectively anticipate their needs and quickly resolve any problem that may arise.

Within the CET, five teams are divided by market. Each is made up of the following contacts:

-  Real Estate and Customer Experience Manager:  Responsible for managing the customer experience, he/she replaces the traditional figure of the Property Manager.

-  Real Estate & Customer Experience Coordinator: He/She ensures that the customer's request is taken care of quickly, by the most relevant interlocutor.

-  Facility Manager: He/She takes care of all the services related to the management of your logistics site; its integration into the CET is a huge asset in ensuring optimal quality of service for Prologis customers.

-  Leasing Manager: He/She is in charge of marketing our assets, they also manage our Prologis Essentials platform.

Operations, Construction Manager: He/She is responsible for carrying out the rehabilitation works

Regulations, ICPE classification and environment: He/she intervenes on regulation and environmental matters

- Property & Data Billing Manager: He/ She is responsible for the administrative data management of assets.

More than a simple reorganization, we have also doubled the number of experts within our Customer Experience Team: a strong strategic choice to gain flexibility and be able to respond to all of our clients' challenges, so that they can focus on their business with confidence.

This new organization allows Prologis customers

To be supported by environmental specialists, to ensure compliance with ICPE standards as well as reduction of their carbon footprint or their energy efficiency strategy.

To benefit from the services and products of the Prologis Essentials marketplace which allows them to stock up at any time on all types of equipment necessary for the proper conduct of their daily business.

To discover the PARKlife concept, working and living environments conducive to the well-being of their employees, as well as the communities where we are established.

Cécile Tricault, Managing Director Southern Europe, sums up the role of the Customer Experience Team as follows: “Thanks to this new organizational model, we are further strengthening our close relationship with our customers and offering them an optimal level of service quality. Thanks to cross-functional teams able to meet all their needs, so that they can focus on their business with complete peace of mind. "

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