Operating Permits (ICPE)

Because health, safety and environmental issues can be complex and time-consuming, Prologis formed an integrated Department of Health, Safety and Environment (ICPE) in 2004. Our professionals work with customers throughout the development process to ensure that all paperwork is current and that customers remain ahead of the curve. The department advises existing and future customers on ICPE and environmental issues, handles evolving building authorizations, manages operating permits with administrative local authorities and assists customers during the entire process.

Development Services

Give us your requirements. We’ll make it happen.

In addition to a portfolio of well-located, high-quality logistics facilities, Prologis has deep expertise in developing new buildings tailored to the exacting and diverse specifications of our customers. Our project management services span the full range of relevant disciplines—from site analysis to design, construction and turnover.

Because of our broad portfolio, strong on-the-ground talent and the vast knowledge of our in-house research team, we know our sector and markets well—from top locations to industry trends, from sustainable features to the growing e-commerce sector.

Sustainable Development

As the global leader in logistics real estate, we take environmental stewardship seriously. Our logistics real estate facilities are designed to blend with their surroundings, minimize environmental impacts and maximize energy efficiency. We employ geographically relevant sustainable design features—cool roofs, low-water landscaping, skylights, solar panels—that reduce emissions, customer utility bills and overall cost of operations.

Moissy 2 Les Chevrons DC2A Moissy Cramayel, France

Moissy 2 Les Chevrons DC2A

Moissy Cramayel, France

Located at the gates of Paris, this new park was designed to exceed expectations with a location in the heart of the Ile-de-France that ensureseasy...

Prologis Moissy DC10, Moissy Cramayel, France

Moissy Chanteloup DC10

Moissy Cramayel, France

This 320,226 SF (29,780 SQM) warehouse designed with sustainable features meets the High Quality Environmental (HQE) standard for new buildings.

Prologis Moissy Chanteloup DC5, Moissy Cramayel, France

Moissy Chanteloup DC5

Moissy Cramayel, France

Prologis Park Moissy 1 Chanteloup is ideally situated about 30 kilometers south of Paris with direct motorway access to the Francilienne. The park is...

Certified Sustainable Facilities

BREEAM Certification

Prologis BREEAM-Accredited Warehouses

BREEAM, or Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method, is the sustainability rating system for buildings in over 75 countries, including those in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

LEED Certification

Prologis LEED-Certified Warehouses

LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) rating system for building sustainability standards in more than 150 countries. including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and France.

HQE Certification

Prologis HQE-Certified Warehouses

HQE, or Hauté Qualite Environmentale, is the environmental evaluation and certification system for buildings in France.